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Anand Sarees Printed Daily Wear Synthetic Georgette Saree
Rs. 399 899 (62% OFF)
Category: Women's Clothing
Verified: Jun 18, 12am
As the authentic fabric epitomizes tradition and classiness, Anand Sarees Georgette resembles the perfect blend of contemporariness with the customary glamour. It has strengthened its popularity among the youth who like to experiment with the new flavours and designs. This stylish material is made with the conflux of polyester and nylon. The elegant drape of georgette attire is mingled with designs and patterns of Indian tradition. Floral and ethnic prints, metallic designs, applique work on the Georgette Sarees are the hot choice for any formal function or party wear. The cosy touch, chic style and a diverse variety of colourful embellishments make it the most coveted attire that any woman would love to flaunt. Saree Length: 6.00 m with Blouse.We quality check the products twice before dispatchCut : 6 metres (including blouse)Image shown is for photography purpose only, slight variation in colour may be possible

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