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Anugrah Floral Print Bollywood Cotton, Silk, Crepe Saree
Rs. 586 1948 (74% OFF)
Category: Women's Clothing
Verified: Sep 19, 7am
A woman dressed in a traditional reminds me of the Poem“ She Walks in beauty like the night...” Get a bloom this season with Anugrah collection. This is the best way to really stand out from the crowd. We are presenting you one of the most impressive fancy cotton silk saree from our collection. It means there are clothes for varying age groups and fashion sensibilities. Sometimes the latest designer sarees themselves provide the inspiration for trends in Indian fashion that last for many years. One can also accessorize using the blouse pattern. This saree will give you a trendy look,made it luxurious with beautifully designed saree’s blouse covered with eye-catching patterns. Nobody comes close to us in terms of the designs and material used. Dedicated designing and market research teams ensure that the designs are modern and contemporary. The production team ensures that the cloth used goes through the utmost quality process. This is also a good choice for gifting to your loved ones.Fabric-cotton silk saree with lace.with blouse piece – yes Size & Fit: Length: Over 5.5 meters + Blouse piece: 80 cm

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